We need your help! The virus has closed all Farmers Markets and halted restaurant sales

Our pastured hens are still laying and we have overhead, taxes and organic feed to buy.

This is your chance to support local small farmers during this crisis, by signing up for our tasty organic pastured eggs.

We’ve started a local delivery-drop off for our organic pastured eggs every other Saturday in three locations: North Tacoma, West Seattle, North Seattle, and (maybe) Central District–if we get enough subscribers. Its convenient and you still get a great value!

For details and how to sign up please visit our page here:

Select how many eggs you may want every other week, and the pick up site location you want.

This will be a great value to organic pastured egg lovers everywhere. Please forward to your neighbors and friends — we need eaters support.

Send us any questions you may have.

Thank you for supporting small local organic farms. 

Larry Bailey
Clean Food Farm
Orting WA