“Consider purchasing Clean Food Farm grass-fed organic eggs, they are amazing. You won’t believe what modern manufacturing has done to the chicken egg until you taste how they were originally intended to be.” A.O. Tacoma WA

“I had an opportunity to try out Clean Food Farm’s pastured organic eggs, both sunnyside up and poached, and they were beautiful and delicious with a nice, clean flavor. Our patrons will like them.”  L.H, (chef) Seattle WA

“I eat a lot of fried and scrambled eggs and find it pretty easy to tell the difference between eggs. I cannot tolerate ordinary supermarket eggs or “industrialy produced” organic eggs where the hens hardly ever see a blade of fresh grass or green forage. The Bailey’s organic pasture-raised eggs have great flavor. The yolks are firm and the eggs have an eggy taste. During the winter months the high quality and “jump off your plate” flavor remains consistent which I also like.” M.H. Puyallup WA

“I was raised on a conventional farm and never liked the “fresh” eggs” and could never figure out why. I gave Clean Food farm’s pasture-raised organic eggs a try and wow! They have a clean, eggy taste and lots of great flavor without doctoring them up. I think that the grass and forage their hens eat makes a big flavor difference. ”  V.S. Tacoma WA

“Clean Food Farm’s pastured eggs are one of the best bargains for high quality food protein.  Not only are the eggs themselves very delicious, but the hens are super healthy.   They strut around in their own private open range enclosure that moves to new grass often.  Their hens enjoy a playground, whirlpool baths and egg laying competitions.  Some hens have been known to leave their enclosure for short vacations – all at Bailey expense.  No wonder these eggs just right for frying, scrambling, cooking in the shell or poaching.”  S. F. Puyallup WA


Your eggs are so flavorful that we find we barely need to salt or season them. They are very delicious.

A.D. Olympia WA


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