Planting for the Future

CFF Blog 5-10-20

This week my team and I were planting native vine maples (video here) along our south farm boundary.

Why plant them? Shade, shelter, food for animals, sequestering carbon, holding soil, absorbing moisture…all good and necessary. Then I paused and heard some robins singing in taller trees near by, and recalled this Wendell Berry poem.

For The Future

Planting trees early in spring,

we make a place for birds to sing

in time to come.

How do we know?

They are singing here now.

There is no other guarantee

that singing will ever be.

Take a listen to Wendell Berry reading his poem here (only 20 seconds)

Our vine maples might grow into something that looks like this.

Kathleen Fruge Brown, New Vine Maple Leaves, 18 x 24”, oil on canvas, Copyright 2019. Used with permission.

Planting for Tomorrow,

Farmer Larry