Asking for Help

“Nah, I Got This!”

A while back one of my team was operating our small tractor, getting ready for some construction work. He got the tractor stuck in the mud. I suggested we get outside help; but he said “Nah, I got this!” and continued to churn the back wheels–only to get stuck deeper.

He finally looked at me and threw up his hands. We called a farmer-neighbor who had the right equipment, knew just how to help, and had us unstuck in a jiffy.

Afterwards I thought how I sometimes say, “Nah, I got this!” More often than not I need to humble myself, seek out someone who has been in my shoes, and say “Help, please!” When I do reach out for assistance, advice, and a safe shoulder to lean on, then I can really listen and receive the help offered. I know, it seems simple enough; but I know I have some growing to do in this department.